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Eric lenser Jens Ofer Fishtown 2017
Eric (left side) at the Fishtown TT 2017 / Ofer



Nickname: ECCA



Profession: MECHANIC


Special Characteristics: FAST


Eric Lenser Bremen Fishtown TT Honda
Eric "ECCA" Lenser - Fishtown TT 2017

Photo by Andi Heinze

The "Flying Aussie" - a Racing Globetrotter!


Dear friends of Racesports, your supply is needed!

  • You are with the Underdogs?
  • You love the racers giving everything for the fastest lap?
  • You celebrate the chanceless privatiers, who kicks ass to the established riders in the good payed teams?
  • You respect the riders following their dream renouncing a lot of things?
  • You want the raw and authentic racesport without politics, dirty deals and blingbling?

OK, so please supply Eric Lenser, the Real Roadracer, on his way to the  Manx GP 2018 at the Isle of Man!


"I can only ride fast with curbstones and  lanterns beside me..." - Quote by Eric "ECCA" Lenser.


Eric often starts with different bikes in different classes. Additional he kicks ass with a Youngtimer-F1-Sidecar, powered with an oil/aircooled Suzuki engine, his Girl Julie in the boat.

At the Manx GP 2017 with an aged HONDA RS250R he reached an av. speed of 104 mls/h (167,4 km/h) - the fastest 2-Stroke bike in the Lightweight Class. Eric won the Road-GP in Ostrava and took part on the Ulster GP.

At the Fishtown TT 2017 with his RS250R he made 10th and 11th place in the Superbike Legends BIG CLASSICS.


"ECCA" is one of the greatest guys i have ever met in this crazy circus of racing and long before. I appreciate him not only as a college, also he is a creative and extraordinary mechanic as well. Fast as hell he is always good for having lots of fun in the paddock - OK: Except he misses his start time...

Last but not least he is a true friend...and because he´s racing HONDA & SUZUKI and sadly also KTM...ok, i ignore that...


On the island the DARVILL RACING TEAM cares about Eric. The supply not includes money but perfect service around, which is also worthful like the financial background.

Make this guy race...and donate some €uros - keep going!

This sport gets more and more expensive, the travel costs rises,  fees for signing-in and the license bursting the budget.


On the right you find a link from Eric i like to share.

Please share this link below with all fans and friends!

It´s easy and takes only  a minute...

Ostrava Eric Lenser
Posterhero Eric "ECCA" Lenser



 Poster Boy...

Eric is the "Poster Boy" for this years Roadrace in Ostrava, Czech Republic!



Schikane Fishtown TT Eric Lender Honda
First Turn - Fishtown TT 2017

Photo by Ingo Lange, Fishtown TT 2017

MANX GP 2018 - Isle of Man

Eric & Julie in the Derbyshire-F-1 Sidecar / ManxGP2018
Eric & Julie in the Derbyshire-F-1 Sidecar

The preparation for Eric´s big race are running high, so Eric does...

Very pleased and a little bit proud about the trust in his possibilities Eric stuffed all the great donations from different Sponsors in his car. Good news thereby from the Isle of Man: The Formula 1 - sidecar, a derbyshire chassis powered by a air-/oilcooled Suzuki GSX-R 1100 engine, was registrated for the Parade Lap!  So Julie as "Schmiermäxin" will enjoy the fascination of the "Mountain Circuit". Parade Lap does not mean slow concourse, also here the main thing is: Throttle all wide open!

  • The sidecar is designed with all the sponsor´s logos and the solo Bikes will be same soon.
  • First training session will start on August, 18th in the evening - Eric reports live: ILNA Racing - The Real Roadracer

The MANX GP 2018 at the Isle of Man is history now.

One year of work for a lot of people, taking a hand full of money, joining great support - but not everything works like expected.

Making the best out of it, not quit and at least racing as fast as possible - THE REAL ROADRACER!


"Who never worked for that can´t comprehend the meaning of seeing this finish flag!

Eric "Ecca" Lenser, after the 1. Race in Lightweight-Class.


Eric is now back home in France, racereports and more pictures will follow.

Lots of days with cancelled practice sessions because of fog in the mountains, silly changing of rules just during the Parc Fermé - time,  two all inclusive motor damages at the Honda, a dead starter and a fuel leak at the KTM - everything was included this year!

But...we ´re not silly kids. We know that the apparently small often is the greatest thing ever! YIIIIIIIHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Eric brought the KTM through in the first Lightweigth race, the 2nd race was finished after three of four rounds.

Last round Eric hitchhiked the scraper then.

Days before the Honda puked out all available pistons & rings, new cylinders and a rod - offers to the Ghost of Speed.

The parade lap* with the Suzuki-fired sidecar was a great one! Julie is not longer a Rookie on the Mountain Circuit!

*...full´s pure fun to overtake the solos with a sidecar...


One thing was that clear despite all the disappointments, the stress & the repairings in the paddock:

MANX GP 2019 - we will be there again!


Many thanks to all the photographers waiting in the sun, wind, rain and the foggy cold for "shooting" these incredible pictures!

You are also heroes!


Pics by: Ecca & Julie, Martyns Fotos, Richard Martin Photos, PLPics, James Shaw and many others...

THANKS so much for the generous support to...

  • ADDINOL Lubricants, Leuna
  • NULON High Tech Lubricants Germany by
  • Motorcycle Tires Butzner, METZELER Race Services, Delbrück
  • R. Schmolke Lubricants & Industrial Services, Bad Wünnenberg
  • BOXENSTOPP Motorcycle Tires CONTINENTAL / Bielefeld
  • REEVU Helmets
  • ROUTE21 Leathers

and to all private fans! You´re that great, folks!

MANX GRAND PRIX - ISLE OF MAN - The official Website!
MANX GRAND PRIX - ISLE OF MAN - The official Website!

Header created by MANX GP / Official Website. Thanks!

Eric´s Bikes - Pics and Videos

Eric Lenser Honda NSR 250
Photo by redline sports photography


Two-cylinder 2-Stroke...

Lenser Eric KTM 690 Supermono
Photo by


Monocylinder 4-Stroke, Grid-tube frame and a GFK-Monocoque-Tank/Seat.

Eric Lenser Suzuki SV 650
Photo by Andi Heinze











Nearly a serial bike, no engine tuning, some little modifications.

Have a ride with the REAL ROADRACER Eric "ECCA" Lenser...and give a coin for each click!

SUZUKI SV650 SuperTwin

HONDA RS250R Road Racing

Ulster GP & Manx GP

If you want to keep in touch with amazing racesports, please give your supply to the private riders from the"Poor Man Racing Teams".

Otherwise, i guess, in future we will have only boring series with expensive prototype bikes & overpriced tickets for a chair far behind the fence....


Every €uro is needed! Even a low amount ist helpful...


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