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Sharks on hunt!

The Real Roadracer Eric "Ecca" Lenser & sidecar-pilot Julie Grosset-Bourbange racing under new flag.

This mascot was drawn by Leon and so ILNA* Racing was founded!

The successful franco/australian Racingteam is racing with HONDA- and SUZUKI, but still

supported by They don´t have Yamahas in France, i guess...


*ILNA = I Love Nonsens Acronyms...this could only come from Eric!

As i told you: This guy is always good for having lots of fun.

 Who´s the bigger shark, has the bigger will to fight? And who uses lipgloss? Thoughts keepin` me awake at night...

2020 - Open throttle...nevertheless...

A huge "thank you" to Team Kraus-Joest for this incredible drawing!

The IOM 2020 was postponed to 2021...

...the beast grins...and waits!

A few laps were possible this year.

Sharkpic: Thanks to Bourges Motorsport!

Eric & Julie doing road- and trackraces all over Europe and at the Isle of Man. Eric usually burning down the road with different

solo-bikes - prefered at roadraces - with son gran Amour Julie  in the boat he´s kickin` ass in the french sidecar scene since 2017.

Not everything is running straight, but anyway this would be boring for them and also for myself.

Easy going is for everybody...but not for us.


You can follow just in time and get a close inside-view to European Roadracing Scenery.

Here i introduce ILNA Racing  - Eric & Julie to you, with all their "racingtools".

For direct contact to Eric & Julie - for waisting your money or getting some signatures - please go through via Facebook or Instagram.

...and please send note in english or french, an answer is guaranteed!

Eric´s Racing Career

Portrait Eric Lenser
Eric "Ecca" Lenser


Nickname: ECCA



Occupation: MECHANIC


Special Ability: FAST




Ecca, born in Australia and grown up with motorbikes, has done diverse trackracing in Down Under, even as a little boy on a PW50 and later with Aprilia 250 and his true love, a HONDA RS250, taking to France many years before.

Very soon he entered roadracing scene there, grinding his kneepads all around Europe since then: A Racing Globetrotter at it´s best.

He hates cleaning dirtbikes, so he races on asphalt - not knowing how dirty a roadracer would get.

His Facebook-page "The Real Roadracer" has changed to  ILNA Racing - Eric & Julie.

Julie´s Racing Career


Nickname: I don´t know yet...

Nation: FRENCH


Occupation: TEACHER


Special Ability: BRAVE!




Prè Injection France 2. Place Ecca & Julie
2. Place F1-Championchip France 2018

Julie began her career randomly a few years ago. Riding motorbikes she got contact to the sidecar racers via Ecca, so to the first

test ride it was only a small step. She got trapped same moment...

Ecca grabbed his chance and took her home directly. Since then he has to race on threewheelers. Things can change so fast, mate.

A bit frightened about rude way of driving by some riders Julie found good company in vintage & pre-modern sidecar racing. Being a talent obviously, she was a inherent part of the scene very soon and first good results came very quick.

As her birthday present, Eric bought the SUZUKI-fired F1 in 2017! Thanks to hard training, her combative hardness and strong will to sucess Julies skills are sought after in the scene, also by other riders.

Formula 1 - Sidecar

NULON Racing - Born this Way

Chassis / Producer:

Derbyshire (GB) - Steelframe, unpainted

The sidecar-chassis are unpainted for better localisation about cracks. This chassis is protected against rust with ADDINOL W18 Gunoil!

Motor: SUZUKI GSX-R 1100 R / air-/oilcooled / ca. 145PS

Top-Speed: ca. 250km/h - depends of

Best Result: 2. place in french Sidecar Championchip "Pré Injection" 2018

The "Longnose" was sold in 2020 because of other projects.

Formula 2 - powerde by HONDA CBR600R

IOM TT / Isle of Man:

Eric & Julie want to race Formula 2 at the Isle of Man - in their own sidecar!

For 2020 the TT was canceled without replacement, same is likely to threaten the Manx GP 2020.

For the TT an the Isle of Man, among other races, a complete sidecar was rebuilt

Both invested lots of time and also lots of money - sometimes some good friends come over with sandwiches, fortunately.

About launching this project, Eric waives roadracing with the solo bikes at times.

For following the expansion stages and their race progress, please visit Team ILNA Racing at Facebook.                         Pic below by Jean-Pierre Cazabat

Vintage Sidecar Racing
NULON Racing - Born this Way
Aneau du Rhin Sidecar Vintage

Sponsoring... needed urgently! All sponsors will be presented at Facebook, Twitter, on all bikes, sidecars and on our service vehicles, and last but not least here on this page.


You won´t earn a penny with us, but we´ll have lots of fun waistin´ your money!


In 2018/2019 Team ILNA Racing - Eric & Julie was supported by

  • Butzner Tyreservices with METZELER / CONTI Race Services, Delbrück
  • NULON High Tech Lubricants Germany, powered by
  • ADDINOL Lubricants, Leuna
  • R. Schmolke Lubricants & Industrial Services, Bad Wünnenberg
  • REEVU Helmets
  • ROUTE21 Leathers

and by private fans.


ILNA It´s seroius!


I know this guy since a longer time and since 2017 i´m allowed to be little part of racing circus by ILNA Racing - Eric & Julie .

...good enough for cutting his numbers, after all.

It´s pure fun and always a great pleasure - i´m proud and happy about this friendship! The passed seasons you can review here.

Review the last years...Pics, Reports & Onboard Videos


Julie took part as passenger in IOM F-2 Sidecar and expirienced a great adventure...fortunately with happy ending.


2107 - the Fishtown TT and many roadraces all around Europe, 2018 Highlight: The MANX GP!

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