SUPPORT for Julie Grosset-Bourbange: Formula 2 - Sidecar TT 2019



Nation: FRENCH


Profession: TEACHER


Special Characteristics: BRAVE!

Lives for: A GOOD RACE!

IOM TT Update 25.06.19:

Julie will be back in the boat this weekend, hunting the pole in the F1-Sidecar.

At Anneau du Rhin during the 14ème TROPHEE DE LA VITESSE the sidecars will collect points for the french championchip.

IOM TT Update 06.06.19:

Best News of this day: Julie will leave the hospital today! The travelling back home will be uncomfortable and a good care at home will be necessary, but we´re all happy about this "easy" outcome. Mark Saunders (the pilot of the Honda-F2-Sidecar) was not injured.

The sidecar races are over now: The Birchall brothers Ben & Tom dominated the field, taking their tenth TT-Win! The TT 2019 is coming to an end slowly.

IOM TT Update 03.06.19:

Bad news from the TT: Julie crashed at Rhencullen during first race in F2-Sidecars! Taking one of the jumps she lost footing and felt to the road while high speed. Julie is in hospital in this moment, hopefuly not that bad injured as it seemed first time. I don´t have more informations in this moment.

From my heart all the best to you, Julie!

...and hej, Mate: Just to you, also!

March 2019: Dear friends of Roadracing, your help is needed - again!

Sidecar Racing without the "Schmiermaxe*" in the boats? Not possible! They carry the largest share of it.

Often the "girls" of the racers working hard in the boats, their nose just above the ground...their "bobbes**" sometimes much closer...

  • You give respect to the 3-wheelin´ artists?
  • You get goose bumps watching them figthing for millimeters at full speed?
  • You never would do this?

... so please support Julie on her way to the TOURIST TROPHY at the Isle of Man!

"...he told me: Let´s buy a sidecar just for having fun...i´m looking like a smurf now!"
                                                                                                                                                       Julie about Eric´s hard way of racing and her blue spots after the first laps in their own sidecar...2017...
Julie, partner of Eric "Ecca" Lenser and "Schmiermäxin*" in the F1-SUZUKI sidecar, teacher and also the most fastest firefighting women in France, is on the way in different sidecars at french & british race tracks since a longer time, collecting hundreds of laps in Kneelers and also in Formula 1 and 2. This courage is enormous and she is really tough, always "hangin` round" and fighting for a good lap!
For the beginning...into the Formula 1 directly!
2017 Julie & Eric bought their first own sidecar: A Derbyshire - F1 - Chassis with an air-/oilcooled SUZUKI GSXR-1100 engine. This machine in bumblebee-design runs like hell! (...runs like Mr. Smith´s we say here...)
For the beginning both took part on single races because of Eric´s activities with different racebikes all around Europe. In 2018 they signed in for the French Sidecar Trophy "pre injection" and...
At the end, after hard races with some strange technical problems, they took 2nd place over all in their first season!
Experienced teams were amazed. This was the result because of Eric´s killer instinct and Julie`s experiences in diff. sidecars.
"Between" they made the PARADE LAP at the 2018 MANX GP with the F1-sidecar. Julie got a first impression about her target for 2019 and she wasn´t a rookie at the Mountain Circuit any longer.

Before, Julie did also "dry practice" while watching IOM-on-board videos and also using the Playstation for learning the Mountain Circuit. Sounds strange? What do you think about the training of lots of racers before their first roll out?


In 2018 both were generously supported by

  • ADDINOL Lubricants, Leuna
  • NULON High Tech Lubricants Germany by
  • Motorcycle Tyres Butzner, METZELER Race Services, Delbrück
  • R. Schmolke Lubricants & Industrial Services, Bad Wünnenberg
  • BOXENSTOPP Motorcycle Tyres CONTINENTAL / Bielefeld
  • REEVU Helmets
  • ROUTE21 Leathers

and by many private fans!


Just now Eric is prepairing a HONDA-CBR600-F2-sidecar (...again no YAMAHA! We really need to talk about, mate!)  - the F1-sidecars are too fast an they are very difficult to handle. With an F2 there might be more events for racing with. Julie just took part on the first qualifying races at Brands Hatch for getting commitment to the TT 2019. Some more races she will have to absolve very soon - but: SHE WILL MAKE IT!


*Schmiermaxe/-mäxin": In the beginning of sidecar racing the distances were longer, mostly on public roads, often gravel. A lot of work were to do, even during race practice - the co-pilots job! Changing tyres, check oil, repairing...listen to the riders curses. They were called "Schmiermaxe". "Schmieren" means to grease parts ´n engine and "Max" was a friendly nickname, given to these acrobatic heroes.


**"Bobbes" is - in a local dialect -a very, very, very, very, very friendly word for one of the girls best side...

Here is a letter from Julie to all her supporters & friends. Mai, 8th 2019

Hello to everyone!

My name is Julie, 38 years old. I´m finally "substitute teacher" (to use the term) in the Isère, volunteer firefighter woman and mother of 3 children of 14, 12 and 10 years.

Apart from grammar rules and multiplication tables, my big passion is not pony riding or knitting, but competition sidecar-racing!

I will leave my class in 17 days to participate in the mythical race of the Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man!

I'm going to have the chance to ride with Mark Saunders, # 40, an excellent driver!

This is my first race on the island, i am very excited! Myself, a little scabbard unknown, i'm going to rub shoulders with the biggest in the paddocks like McGuinness, Dunlop, Harrison at the solos, and Molyneux, Holden, Birchall at the sidecars. I have eyes that shine already!

I propose to help me finance this dream, very expensive but so beautiful, the dream of a lifetime. I will set up a blog that i will feed every day with photos, videos, and stories of this incredible adventure. I take you with me ?! I will speak about you, who help me to live these emotions, and i will make you discover the atmosphere, the places, the landscapes, the "stars" of the sidecar and the motorcycle!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

Sportily, yours Julie ;-)

...make this girl race...and donate some €uros!

Share this link below to all friends of racing!

It takes just a minute...

This sport is getting more and more expensive. The travelling costs, fees for subscribing and actual the absurd enormous fees for the race licence kills the budget. Every €uro counts, don´t need to be a high amount.

Just 1€ by each follower...that would be great! Come part of world´s greatest Road Race!

See pictures...and...


Pics by Tim Folder, Ecca & Julie, Martyns Fotos, Richard Martin Photos, PLPics, James Shaw, Mary Rose Taynor and many more. THANKS!

Formula 2 Julie Bourbange TT 2019
Marc & Julie / F2 / Isle of Man TT2019


Julie´s big adventure at the

TT 2019 Isle of Man

Here you can visit her blog, following her story.

Many pics & a video - see right side!


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